Cars and March Madness

Hello everyone, our apologies again for being so not diligent with our blog posts.  I feel like we still haven’t recovered from Christmas break!!  On another note, I have a little more than a week left with my current job before I switch over to KDL and instead of shedding my feelings on our money blog, I will contain myself.  One thing though that I will talk about is our car situation.  I drive Mandy’s old car, a 2003 Chevy Cavalier.  It still runs fine but I think it may be at the point when things start to break down (in reality I have no idea, I can put gas in my car and that is almost the extend of my car knowledge).  But I do know that I recently had to replace some gas-valve-input-line-mechanical-output-combustion thing that cost me about $600.  The crappy thing about that is since I know nothing about cars they could have told me it cost $2000 and I would’ve swore as I ponied up my debit card.  That knowing lack of knowledge makes me never want to bring my car in.   Even though that might be a bad philosophy because it just makes the problems worse, I don’t care.  I hate getting the bad news that my money is being wasted on my car.   This time, however, I feel I have no choice.  Every time I use the brakes on my car it sounds like I am rubbing sandpaper together.  Worse, I think I can feel the brakes grinding.  I don’t know exactly what that means, but I don’t think it is a good thing.  In fact, I’m quite sure it is a terrible thing.

So I have an appointment tomorrow and hopefully when the mechanic calls mehe will say, “that grinding sound is caused by something really really common and it won’t be too expensive to fix.”  Maybe he will say, “you need new brakes, but lucky you, you are our 10,000 customer and everything will be free!”  But he will probably say, “you should have brought it in sooner.  If you would have it wouldn’t have cost you so much of your hard-earned money.”  At that point I will probably swear (but not too loud) and take out my debit card and pay the man.

On top of that since someone (who will not be named….maybe it was Bridget!!!) drove into a  few curbs and now our other car squeals really loud when we go in reverse, turn left, turn right, or go straight.  After my in depth google research I am hoping that all that car needs is a tire alignment.  But we will see I suppose.

The second thing I wanted to talk about related to money is March Madness.  As many of you know the worst sports month-and-a-half is over (February and early March) and March Madness is finally here.  AND as an extra bonus my home state, which I will always dearly love, has its first team in the men’s tournament.  That’s right, the South Dakota State University Jackrabbits are a bracket busting 14-seed.  For those of you not into March Madness (and I don’t know why you wouldn’t be) that means after South Dakota U beats 3-seed Baylor and 6-seed UNLV (sorry Evan) that will face a stiff challenge in Duke.  That is all well and good except one thing…..I can’t even watch the games!!!  Sucks!!!

I was under the impression that the streaming process would be the same as previous years.  Previous years I could stream any game for free on and NCAA.something.  Needless to say they are charging money for streaming this year.  It is only $3.99 for the entire tournament but since we are focusing on our budget, every dollar counts as I have said before.  But honestly, I am just stubborn.  If I streamed it for free last year, on principle, I shouldn’t have to pay to stream this year.  So….I don’t know what I am going to do.  South Dakota U’s first game is Thursday night  and I am going to miss history.  Woe is me.

As I write that I realize I may have to rethink what I do.  Since I can’t stream the games, I was thinking about going to the bar and catching the game.  Which would cost me way more than $3.99 in adult beverages.


P.S. I am determined to make iced coffee as delicious as McDonald’s iced coffee

P.S.S. I joined Pinterest, but there is a  lot of stuff on there for girls, and I am a boy


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