We’re Back

We’re back to the blogging world and have some exciting news to share!

Minus the mortgage, we are now debt free!!

This may come as somewhat of surprise to some of you, as we basically fell off the Dave Ramsey wagon not too long ago. Our last loan payment was scheduled for quite a while ago, then got pushed back to “before baby #2 arrives”. Baby #2 arrived and we said, “whoops…”.

So what happened? We resurrected the budget and finally said “go!” and made a big, whopping final payment.

This has been a humbling experience as we realized we needed to get more disciplined in a lot of ways. Working with less income (maternity leave), we were reminded that being unaware of where our money goes does no one any good. Second of all, we realized how blessed we have been by friends and family helping us out during this transition to being a family of four. Meals, gift cards, clothes, diapers, and so much more has definitely cushioned us and we are deeply grateful. It has also spurred our desire to be good stewards of our finances so we can hopefully help others.

So while we are definitely celebrating our success tonight, we realize we still have a long ways to go. As you know, I’m what you might call a “planning person”…so you know, I’m already done with the celebration and making my lists : )

In general, our next steps/goals are:
-Build savings up to 3-6 months worth of income.
-Save up for a newer, bigger vehicle. Friends of ours just got a beautiful new minivan, leaving Aaron green with envy! : )
-Increase our contributions to our retirement funds. Currently they are pathetic.

So that’s the plan and in the words of Dave, this “journey” is no where near over. Because, you know, the general idea is to: retire when the time is right, help our kids with college or whatever their post-secondary dreams may be, send Aaron to the World Cup and let me go crazy at Target and leave feeling guilt-free. I know, I dream REAL big : ) I’m sure I’ll think of other wonderful things once I return to sleeping and eating like a normal person.

So to those of you who have supported us either through words of encouragement, thoughts/prayers, or gifts, we say THANK YOU!! We could not have done this without you. We tip our glasses–of Blue Moon and apple juice, can you guess who’s drinking which?–to you, our friends and family who love us.


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