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Update on cars and MM


So last post I started complaining about how I wasn’t going to be able to watch March Madness and about how cars require money for upkeep.  Let me give you an update.  Continue reading


Groceries, Coupons, Time, & NEWS

I think I will start with the news. (Nope, not preggers.) My wonderful husband landed a new job. Hurrah! He will be a Collections Librarian for Kent District Library. I understand this to be a lateral if not slightly upward professional move due to the nature of the job, increased opportunities to develop and advance, and the size, demographics, and resources of the system. I have not received a picture-perfect job description (man of few words), but I imagine him to be buying and negotiating, researching trends, and making patrons city-wide amazingly pleased with their well-constructed collection of materials. What I do know for sure, however, is that this change makes him very, very happy. He’s worked hard for this & so I am very proud.

The position is part-time. This has it’s pros and cons. Pros: more parent-daughter time (huge plus), no more weekends, no more evenings, flexible schedule, etc. Con: less income.

So we have a tentative idea of how this will play out in terms of budget, short-term plans/goals. However in the coming weeks, we will need to dig into this further. In the end, I am confident we will find what works for us.

On a different note, who can help us with coupons?! A while ago, a coworker friend invited me to a couponing class. It was inspiring and slightly…okay maybe more than slightly overwhelming. It’s definitely a system. One which appears to require extensive organization, planning, and strategy. It seems that one needs the following in order to make couponing, in the extreme sense, work:

1-a chunk of available time
2-a deep freeze
3-extra cupboard space
4-a thorough knowledge of what’s for dinner, what’s in season, what’s on sale, how to prepare/store food so that it won’t freezer burn, what foods normally cost so you know if it’s cheaper to use a coupon or just buy generic brands…

It also seems that you need to stock up on things that you may not need immediately, but will need in the future. You then need to remember that you have those items, so that you don’t double up at a later point. To me, I can see myself buying a whole bunch of stuff that I had coupons for, but then not knowing what sort of meals to make out of all this random stuff that I just purchased. Clearly, I need guidance.